FMBT balm

FMBT Tattoo Balm:

Discover our certified organic and vegan tattoo balm , designed for body art professionals. Soothing and hydrating, our unique formula based on natural essential oils promotes optimal healing.

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Pro Cleaner FMBT

Discover our “Pro Cleaner” foam for tattoos, certified organic & vegan by Ecocert, Greenlife and Bio Cosmos. Designed especially for body art professionals, this cleansing lotion based on Aloe Vera and Cornflower provides a clean and soothing tattooing experience.

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    Ecological Quality Certified by ECOCERT!

    At FormyBiotattoo (FMBT), our commitment to ecological quality is certified by ECOCERT. This prestigious certification attests to our commitment to environmentally friendly practices at every stage of production. Choosing FMBT means opting for high-quality tattoo products that respect the planet.


    Explore the world of tattooing with confidence with FMBT, proudly displaying the Greenlife label. Our ecological products are the ideal choice for tattoo care that respects your skin and the environment. Opt for quality, opt for FMBT Greenlife.


    Natural Excellence with “Organic Cosmetics” Certification!

    FormyBiotattoo (FMBT) is proud to carry the “Organic Cosmetics” certification. We highlight our commitment to natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a tattoo experience that is respectful of your skin and the environment. Opt for organic, choose FMBT, your trusted partner for ethical and natural body expression.


    Only for the best artist

    The best

    Made in Provence, Born in France

    FormyBiotattoo (FMBT) embodies excellence in the world of tattooing. Intended exclusively for the best artists, our products are the quintessence of bodily expression. Each creation is imbued with the authenticity of Provence, the cradle of art, born in France.

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Pro Collection

Discover the excellence of tattooing with our “PRO” Collection at FormyBiotattoo (FMBT). Treatments developed with precision for professional tattooists. ECOCERT and vegan certified , our products offer a perfect fusion between quality, innovation and respect for the art of tattooing. Immerse yourself in a unique experience, where each ink becomes a work of art. Explore our “PRO” Collection now.

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FMBT Official Partner of the Rouen Tattoo Festival

Book now for the Rouen Tattoo Festival online for April 26-27 & 28, 2024!
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-20,000m2 dedicated to tattooing

-6 Halls

-500 tattoo artists

-50 exhibitors

-10 food trucks

Incredible shows and activities!
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FMBT Official Partner of the Deauville Tattoo Festival

Deauville Tattoo Festival - August 17 & 18, 2024!
Do not miss :

-More than 450 tattoo artists and exhibitors

-Registrations open, be part of this unique experience

Concerts & Entertainment:

-Artists and performers on stage all weekend

- Hosted by the inimitable Pascal Tourain, the tattooed man!

Bar Restaurant :

-Restaurant areas and bars available all day

Don't miss this exceptional event. Register now !

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Excellence in Ink

Each tattoo is a unique work of art . Take care of your canvas, it will accompany you forever.

Protect your artistic investment with quality products.

Give your tattoos the attention they deserve for durability and beauty that stands the test of time.

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Are FMBT products suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely ! All of our products are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients , making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. We are proud to offer a range of certified organic and vegan products , respectful of your skin and the environment.

How can I take care of my new tattoo after the session?

We recommend using our specialist aftercare products, such as our Tattoo Balm or Foam Cleanser, to care for your new tattoo. Follow the instructions provided by your artist and be sure to keep the area clean and moisturized for optimal healing.

What certifications does FMBT tattoo balm have?

FMBT tattoo balm is Ecocert, Greenlife and Bio Cosmos certified , thus guaranteeing its quality and its organic and vegan nature.

What are the benefits of FMBT tattoo balm during and after a tattoo session?

FMBT tattoo balm soothes and prevents redness during and after each tattoo session, promoting optimal healing while rebalancing the epidermis. It also provides deep hydration and instant relief.

What are the main ingredients in the FMBT Tattoo Balm formula?

FMBT tattoo balm is enriched with valuable vegetable oils such as Coconut oil, Sunflower oil and Tamanu oil, known for its antibacterial and healing properties. It also contains powerful botanical active ingredients such as Candellia, Chamomile and Candeia , as well as a Vitamin E derivative.

  • Made In Provence

  • The best

  • Born In France

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